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Only professional journalists, editors and photographers covering the ISU Event for editorial purposes, or producing content for news purposes, will be accredited. 

Individuals working for or representing a media organization – including agencies, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, Internet, social media and/or an extension within an existing multimedia company (newspaper, magazine, TV, agency) – as well as representatives from ISU Member federations acting as media for their press and communication activities will be considered for a media accreditation.

Individuals working for a sponsor, brand or agents will not be considered for a media accreditation. 

All media must provide the following documentation when applying for media accreditation and further information could be requested (such as evidence of past articles, etc.):

1. Endorsement Letter from the editor-in-chief  - Mandatory

2. Copy of current professional media or journalist card  – if available

3. ID photo – Mandatory

4. Present the necessary documentation as requested by the OC, and which may include sanitary certifications/testing results – Mandatory 

If a media accreditation request is not completed by the deadline (for both on-site and remote access) or if any required information is missing, it will be refused. Also, media applicants must agree to the terms and conditions and if they do not respect them, the OC and ISU reserve the right to remove theiraccreditation badge.

Register here for media accreditation (ISU Online Media Accreditation System (O.M.A.S) 
The deadlines to apply for media accreditations are as follows:
– On-site media accreditation requests: January 9th, 2023 (updated 1.12.2022)
– Remote media accreditation requests: January 16th, 2023 (updated 1.12.2022
No late media accreditation applications will be accepted for on-site requests.

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Media information (updated 18.1.2023)


Salla Mäkelä, Press Officer, media@espoo2023.com